Orlando Rodriguez

An incredible musician and dedicated teacher......

Ekwé was started by the patriarch of the family, Orland Rodriguez Rodriguez, who was a formidable performer, teacher and mentor.


In a country known for its music he has stood out as one of the best.  He was selected as the “Most Dedicated Instructor in the Country” as early as 1972 and has both taught and performed internationally since then.  With tours through the then Soviet Union, Jamaica, Panama, Venezuela, Nicaragua, Spain, Mexico and Canada, to name just a few, he has shared his love and great knowledge of Latin music throughout the world.


Acclaimed by artists like Tio Simon, he has participated and lead many successful and award winning groups, including his family band Ekwé.  He was a founding member of the world renowned Teatro Escambray with Sergio Corrieri & Gilda Hernandez and was at the centre of Cuban culture with a passion and pride in his country and its traditions.


In addition to delighting audiences, Orlando has helped to pass on the mastery, love of tradition, and excellence through his family, who continue to share their love of music with the world through his group Ekwé and in the music programs offered by the Rodriguez Workshop/Taller Rodriguez.


A small indication of how he is held in esteem was the day of celebration to commemorate his work, held by his hometown in 2010, the medal he received in 2012 and shortly after, the fine words spoken and written about him after his untimely death.  (See links to Radio Transcripts)


Orlando is always in our hearts & his spirit guides us in all our music - Gracias por todo

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